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Supporting Teachers & Schools

Addressing Hunger in the Classroom

School meals give all students the chance to reach their fullest potential. By taking hunger out the equation, research shows that attendance increases, behavior and academic performance improves, and students are significantly more likely to graduate!

To help us do even more this school year to feed hungry kids in Massachusetts, we've partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts to improve the school meal programs and meet the nutritional needs of students in some of Massachusetts' highest-need school districts. 

 American Teacher Federation of Massachusetts  Project Bread  American Teacher Federation Massachusetts

Supporting Teachers

Project Bread is committed to ensuring all students across the state have access to both school breakfast and school lunch. Until hunger ends, hardworking teachers are going above and beyond to meet their students needs.

To support their incredible efforts, Project Bread and Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts has awarded $16,500 in grants to bolster the work of eleven Teacher Champions fighting hunger in their school. These teachers have launched weekend backpack programs, opened school-based food pantries, are implementing more accessible and appealing school breakfast, and building community gardens. 

Teacher Champion Award Recipients

  • Jennifer Reese, Amherst-Pelham School District, District Elementary Science Coordinator
  • Patricia Taylor, Amherst-Pelham Regional District, Amherst High School, Special Ed Teacher
  • Priyadarshini Kumar, Boston Public Schools, ELA/Humanities Special Ed Teacher
  • Sonya Brown, Boston Public Schools, Boston Arts Academy, Humanities Teacher
  • Jennifer Amendola, Boston Public Schools, Edison K-8, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Harry Brandt, Chicopee Public Schools, Patrick Bowe Elementary, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Timothy Powers, Fall River Public Schools,Silvia Elementary School, Health/Phys Ed Teacher
  • Sarah Cordero, Lawrence Public Schools, International High School, ESL Teacher
  • Dawne DiNicola, Pittsfield Public Schools, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kelly Cronin, Salem Public Schools, Witchcraft Heights Elementary, Special Ed Teacher
  • Susan Dodd, Webster Public Schools, Bartlett High School, Special Ed and Lifeskills Teacher
Improving School Breakfast

For students who start their day hungry, school breakfast can be the difference between sitting unfocused at their desk and a productive day of learning!

That’s why school breakfast is so important, and why Project Bread, in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts this school year has awarded $25,000 in grants to help high-need school serve healthier food for breakfast and offer Breakfast After the Bell so every student has the opportunity to eat breakfast.

  • Amerst, Pelham, Leverett, Shutesbury, Amherst-Pelham School District, Healthy School Breakfast 
  • Chicopee, Chicopee Public Schools, Support to serve "Breakfast After the Bell"
  • Lowell, Robinson Middle School, Support to serve "Breakfast After the Bell"
    • Roxbury, Bridge Boston Charter School, Healthy School Breakfast 
    • Salem, Salem Public Schools, Healthy School Breakfast
    • Webster, Webster Middle School, Healthy School Breakfast
      • Webster, Park Ave Elementary School, Support to serve "Breakfast After the Bell"
      Our Partners

      We are proud to partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts to support and further the efforts of teachers and schools across the Commonwealth to address hunger in the classroom and ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. 

      Thank you to our Partners

      "Addressing food insecurity in our schools is an important part of helping people live healthier lives—something we are deeply committed to at Blue Cross, We are proud to team up with Project Bread and AFT-Massachusetts to recognize all the incredible work teachers are already doing and help them further set their students up for success inside and out of the classroom."
      - Jeff Bellows, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Public Affairs at Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts

      "It’s no secret that teachers often take on roles that extend beyond classroom instruction, including addressing their students’ hunger needs. We are happy to be a part of this team coming together to recognize our teachers’ extraordinary efforts and support them by working to make sure students’ basic needs are met and that they are ready to learn every day.”
      - Beth Kontos, President of American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts
      Jeff Bellows, BCBSMA

      American Teachers Federation Massachusetts

      American Teacher Federation of Massachusetts American Teacher Federation Massachusetts