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Support programs that change the lives of local families.
Building sustainable food systems

Project Bread collaborates with others to build a robust regional food system. All aspects of food production and distribution exist within the food system, and all of us have a seat at the table. Projects like food rescue, double value coupons at farmers markets, subsidized CSA shares, farm to school and urban ag boost community food security and wellbeing.

Donate Now
Support programs that change the lives of local families.

The Facts

Project Bread’s work building sustainable food systems is a key step in our efforts to build community food security. Sustainable solutions contribute to our economic strength overall, benefit our food economies on a local level, and reliably help those who are hungry.

SNAP Helps Families with Children

Nearly 56% of SNAP participants in Massachusetts are families with children.

FoodSource Hotline

In 2019, our FoodSource Hotline made 29,289 referrals to critical food resources for households experiencing food insecurity. 

Building Stronger Communities

In 2019 Project Bread provided 413 grants totaling $1,016,404 to support community-based programs across the state and statewide initiatives that give more children reliable access to healthy food every day.

Our Initiatives

Project Bread is working with farmers and producers to build a coherent, fair, and environmentally sound local and regional food system strategy. It’s a win on many levels: we support local businesses, reduce our environmental impact, increase jobs; improve public health—and increase families’ access to fresh, affordable, appropriate food.

Making a Difference

With deep local engagement and support, we improve access to local food resources and generate positive economic activity in local communities.

Get Involved

Join us to help ensure that low-income communities have access to locally produced, fresh, affordable food — where hunger ends, and healthy begins.