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Individual Donors

Thank you to our generous supporters for making our work possible in Fiscal Year 2019!

President's Circle ($15,000+)

The George T. Lewis, Jr. 2001 Foundation
Cecile Higginson Murphy Charitable Foundation
Mr. Adam A. and Ms. Ann H. Bakun
KBK Foundation

Leadership Circle ($5,000 – $14,999)

Mr. Anthony Ackil
Ms. Jane A. Brown
Dr. Susan G. Haber and Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald
Mr. Lalor and Mrs. Patricia N. Burdick
Mr. Jeffrey N. Carp and Ms. Patricia J. Berenson
Mr. Gustav Christensen and Mrs. Vibeke R. Christensen
Ms. Anne S. Covert
Dr. David A. Roth and Dr. Marie B. Demay
Ms. Lia Der Marderosian
Mr. David S. Godkin and Ms. Pamela Haran
Dr. Oliver D. Hart and Dr. Rita Goldberg
Ms. Hannah Grove
Mr. John N. Little and Ms. Nancy Wittenberg
Ms. Stephanie S. Lovell and Ms. Janice K. Ericson
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. MaryAnn Marmon
Ms. Michele M. Nasella
Ms. Danielle Palko
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Christine M. Puzo
Mr. Roger G. Reiser and Mrs. Hannelore Reiser
Dr. Eric B. Rimm and Mrs. Allison C. Rimm
Mr. Richard P. and Mrs. Michele J. Ryan
Mr. Steven Joshua Samuel
Dr. James M. Snider and Mrs. Susan G. Snider
Prof. Malcolm K. and Mrs. Penelope J. Sparrow
Ms. Robin G. MacIlroy and Mr. William Spears
Mr. Christopher P. and Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan
Ms. Annaliese Sviokla
Mr. David Vogel, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara A. and Mr. Edward J. Wilson
The Ambuj Barb Kiren Kristen Goyal Charitable Fund
Cogan Family Foundation
Frances Balter Trust
John C. and Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation
Miss Wallace M. Leonard Foundation
Russell Colgate Fund
The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation Inc.
Theodore W. & Evelyn G. Berenson Charitable Foundation

Partners ($1,000 – $4,999)

Mr. Donald-Bruce Abrams and Ms. Roberta L. Rubin
Mr. David Abrams
Mr. William J. Adams and Mrs. Margaret M. Adams
Dr. Nancy Adams and Mr. John A. Burgess
Mr. John J. Krawczyk and Ms. Christine Adams
Mr. Thomas H. Adams
Ms. Shari L. Agatstein
Ms. and Mr. Kecia A. Ali
Mr. and Ms. Richard W. Alsterberg, Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Alsterberg and Ms. Alice Alsterberg
Ms. Debra Altshul Stark
Ms. Nancy Anderson
Mr. Brian P. Anton and Ms. Kathy M. Lutz
Ms. Pamela A. and Mr. Joel Aronson
Mrs. Nancy M. Athey
Dr. Robert W. Babcock and Ms. Judith Friedman Babcock
Ms. Emily H. Bailey
Mr. Kenneth A. Jeffries and Ms. Jacqueline G. Baker
Mrs. Patricia S. Bellinger and Mr. Richard J. Balzer
Mr. Timothy J. Barberich and Ms. Eileen P. Gebrian
Ms. Carol F. Barry
Ms. Jessica G. Bell and Mr. Douglas Reichgott
Mr. Jacques and Mrs. Sylvia-Jean Bergeron
Ms. Mary L. Bergeron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Berry
Mr. Rahul Bhargava
Pastor Katharine C. Black
Mr. Andrew J. and Ms. Elizabeth C. Blanchard
Ms. Rita M. Bleakney
Mr. Laird Bloom and Ms. Sara Bloom
Mr. Jerry Breecher
Dr. Beverly Brown
Dr. Myles A. Brown and Dr. Judy E. Garber
Ms. Patricia A. Buchovecky and Mr. Kalman E. Buchovecky
Mr. Robert L. Buckwalter
Ms. Nancy C. Budiansky
Ms. Barbara J. Bund
Ms. Susan O. Bush
Mr. Paul Buta and Ms. Susan M. Buta
Ms. Lauren L. Butler
Mr. Shawn S. Cai
Dr. Phillip C. Camp and Ms. Mary Camp
Mr. A. William and Mrs. Carol Caporizzo
Mr. Albert T. Capraro
Ms. Jane W. Carey
Mr. Ian Carnathan
Ms. Lee Carpenter
Dr. David J. and Mrs. Kathleen Carroll
Ms. Eileen M. Casey
Mr. Stephen G. Cecchetti and Ms. Ruth Charney
Ms. Amelia M. Charamba
Ms. Catherine E. Chung and Mr. George C. Chung
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Kitty R. Clark
Mr. Andrew S. and Mrs. Carolyn Coffin
Dr. Keith N. and Mrs. Roberta P. Cohen
Mr. Paul A. Cohen
Ms. Louise S. Conti
Mr. Charles M. and Mrs. Maureen L. Cook
Mr. Christopher H. and Mrs. Bonnie G. Covington
Ms. Victoria B. Croll and Mr. David D. Croll
Mr. Gorham L. and Mrs. Joan Cross
Mr. Alan S. Cushing
Mr. Richard M. Dale and Ms. Dorit E. Harverd
Mr. Gregory Dalvito
Mr. Christopher B. Daly and Ms. Anne K. Fishel
Mr. Arthur G. D'Angelo and Mrs. Barbara S. D'Angelo
Mr. Joseph P. Kahan and Ms. Claudia L. Davidoff
Mr. Zach Mayer and Ms. Lindsay E. Deane
Mr. and Mrs. Santos A. DeLeon
Mr. Mark S. Dias
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Bernadette Digiovanni
Mr. Raymond R. and Mrs. Paula M. Doherty
Ms. Barbara B. Dowd
Mrs. Maureen and Mr. Frank J. Drake
Dr. Rebecca L. Drill and Mr. Peter Alpert
Mr. Robert M. Driscoll
Ms. Diane L. Droste
Mr. John and Ms. Raeann V. Duff
Mr. Michael C. Barrett and Ms. Kathleen M. Dugan
Ms. Abby Dulman Simon
Mr. Roger F. Dumas
Mr. Frank R. Dunau and Ms. Amy Davis
Ms. Cecilia E. Dunn
Mrs. Ellen G. Dunning
Dr. Ann and Dr. Harold F. Dvorak
Ms. Louise J. Elving and Mr. Stephen Carr
Ms. Becky Epstein
Ms. Lucinda Everett
Mr. Michael Faigen
Ms. Diane G. Faissler
Mr. Raymond E. Faulkner
Dr. Mark Finklestein and Ms. Janet A. Penn
Ms. Elisha and Mr. Robert Finney
Mr. Franklin M. and Mrs. Ellen P. Fisher
Mr. Robert and Ms. Glenda S. Fishman
Mr. William M. and Ms. Barbara Fitzgerald
Mr. Anthony Folger
Mr. Andrew B. Forbes and Ms. Jennifer Lewis Forbes
Ms. Valerie J. Foster
Mr. Reginald C. and Ms. Barbie B. Foster
Mr. Richard E. Fox and Ms. Judith Fox
Ms. Peggy and Mr. Maurie Fox-Warren
Mr. and Ms. Edwin J. Fremder
Mr. Stephen I. Gallant and Ms. Julia Todd
Mr. Shekar Ganesa
Ms. Patricia Gannon
Dr. Matthew F. Gardiner and Ms. Mary E. Cunnane
Mr. John F. Gibbons
Mr. John A. Gilmartin and Mrs. Maryann Gilmartin
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Denise D. Glaser
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Janet Glidden
Ms. Barbara J. Goddeau
Ms. Heather Grundy
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Leslee Halleran
Mr. and Ms. David Harris
Dr. William H. Harris and Ms. Johanna A. Harris
Mr. John Hart
Mr. Dayton W. Haskin and Ms. Margaret A. Thomas
Dr. Lora Sabin and Mr. Jonathan Hecht
Mrs. Margaret H. and Mr. Gerald P. Hendrick
Mr. R. Michael Henry and Ms. Jeanne N. Larkin-Henry
Ms. Andrea Heyda
Mr. Richard Higger
Mr. and Mrs. James Hollis
Mrs. Yu-Chi Hong-O'Rourke
Mr. Nathaniel Hoover
Ms. Katherine T. and Mr. Ralph W. Hughes
Mr. Louis A. Iannaccone
Mr. Rajeev and Ms. Ashoo Jain
Ms. Christina Jameson and Mr. Robert Bloom
Mr. Joel C. and Ms. Amy L. Janovsky
Ms. Indu Javeri
Mr. John Jayne
Mrs. Julia R. and Mr. Peter V. Johannsen
Ms. Christina Johncox
Ms. Jo Ann Jones
Mr. Steven A. and Ms. Robin R. Kahan
Ms. Emily G. Kahn
Mr. William Kargman
Mr. Charles S. Karp and Mrs. Sharon C. Karp
Mr. Jason Katz
Mr. Thomas E. and Ms. Cynthia C. Kazior
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Cynthia L. Keefe
The Honorable John F. Kerry and Mrs. Teresa Heinz-Kerry
Mr. Thomas R. and Ms. Leslee L. Kiley
Mr. Aaron King
Mr. Steven J. Kirincich and Ms. Susan T. Mahan
Mr. Seth Klarman and Mrs. Beth Klarman
Mr. Alexander Klepadlo
Mrs. Frances Y. Knight and Mr. Thomas F. Knight
Mr. James T. Knowles
Mr. Gabriel Stolzenberg and Ms. Nancy J. Kopell
Ms. Katherine F. Kopp
Mrs. Lauren Korn
Mr. Fred A. and Mrs. Evelynne H. Kramer
Ms. Kay L. Kretchmar
Mr. Phillips L. Kuhl and Mrs. Karen Kuhl
Ms. Carol A. Kumamoto
Ms. Liane Kush
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Peter Laibson
Ms. and Mr. Cynthia LaMothe
Dr. Rajani and Mr. Lou LaRocca
Ms. Heidi L. Leavitt and Mr. Brian P. Leavitt
Mr. David and Ms. Aviva Lee-Parritz
Mr. Thomas A. Lehrer
Ms. Madeline K. Leone
Mr. Peter F. and Ms. Enid Levangie
Mr. Gary B. Levesque and Ms. Dawn M. Piccolo
Mr. Adam Levin
Ms. Renee L. Levin
Mr. Antoine G. Hatoun and Ms. Andrea G. Levitt
Mr. Arthur Lewbel
Mr. Giles F. and Mrs. Joyce H. Lewis
Mr. Robert S. Wolff and Ms. Caroline S. Lindeke
Mr. Christopher J. and Ms. Laura Lindop
Mr. Robert Locke
Ms. Ilse M. Lohrer
Ms. Patricia W. and Mr. Jay W. Lorsch
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Anita B. Loscalzo
Mr. Paul G. Lowney
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Barbara Luddy
Ms. Susan and Mr. Vernell P. Ludwig
Mrs. T Lutomski
Mr. James D. MacCord
Mr. Joseph T. Maddox
Mr. Alexis P. and Mrs. Wiera Malozemoff
Mr. R. Bradford Malt and Mrs. Sharon H. Malt
Ms. Laura L. Maltby
Mr. Benjamin E. Mann, Jr.
Mrs. Diane M. Margolis
Ms. Karen M. Markham
Ms. Elizabeth A. Martin and Mr. Richard M. Dudley
Mr. David Mazzola
Ms. Jeanne F. McCann
Dr. Honor E. McClellan
Mr. Richard and Ms. Judith McGinnis
Rev. Dale B. and Mrs. Geraldine McQueen
Ms. Mary J. Meelia
General Sudeep Menachery
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Judith Michalowicz
Mr. George Migausky
Mr. Stuart A. Millner
Mr. Mark A. Minear
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Ellen Moir
Mr. Robert F. Monaco
Mr. John S. Montgomery
Mr. Timothy P. and Ms. Deborah W. Moore
Ms. Barbara L. Moore and Mr. Jack A. Van Woerkom
Mr. Richard A. Morin and Mrs. Patricia Morin
Ms. Betty Morningstar
Mr. Peter Morton
Mr. Ronald R. and Ms. Wanda J. Mourant
Mr. John and Ms. Lucia Mudd
Mr. David P. Myers and Mrs. Rebecca C. Myers
Ms. Kathryn Nash
Mr. Andrew Newman and Mr. Gregory Maguire
Mr. William F. Ganong and Ms. Marilyn Newman
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Richard Nicholas
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Kathleen Norman
Mr. Timothy J. and Ms. Linda M. O'Brien
Dr. Frank G. and Mrs. Anne M. Oppenheim
Jay and Mary Lou Paap
Mrs. Rebecca Pagliazzo
Mr. Ronald M. Pastore
Mrs. Kathleen Patton
Mr. Stephen C. Peacock
Mr. Max and Ms. Mindy F. Peckler
Dr. Jeffrey S. Dover and Dr. Tania J. Phillips
Ms. Eileen C. Piazza
Mr. Vincent J. Piccirilli and Ms. Anita L. Meiklejohn
Ms. Nancy Pitera
Mr. Robert T. Plumb II
Mr. Richard A. Pollak and Ms. Anita L. Pollak
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Lia G. Poorvu
Mr. Gordon Postill and Mrs. Robin Postill
Mr. Mike Potts
Mr. Charles Q. A. Pratt and Ms. Alexandra England
Ms. Patricia S. Provost
Ms. Yolanda Quevedo
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Nancy M. Radville
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Sandra Ray
Mr. John J. and Ms. Katherine K. Regan
Mr. Jason P. and Ms. Erinn Rhodes
Mr. Peter Riskind and Ms. Carolyn Gayle
Connie and Louis Rizoli
Mr. Andrew B. Rose
Mr. Barry J. and Ms. Marilyn J. Rosenberg
Mr. Leon V. Rosenberg
Ms. Beverly C. Ross
Mr. Brian G. and Mrs. Marie D. Rothwell
Ms. Cathleen M. Roughan
Mr. Robert J. Sachs and Ms. Caroline A. Taggart
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Ranella Saul
Mrs. Donna and Mr. James Savicki
Ms. Alison Schary and Mr. Robert G. Byrnes
Mrs. Susan Schechter
Mr. Peter C. and Mrs. Cynthia A. Schliemann
Dr. John D. Genova and Dr. Louise I. Schneider
Mr. Robert E. and Ms. Catherine G. Schneider
Dr. James M. Schwarz and Mrs. Christine Schwarz
Dr. Pralay and Ms. Jayashree Senchaudhuri
Dr. Stephen D. and Mrs. Margaret Senturia
Mr. Eric M. Shank
Mr. Brian Shimkin
Mr. Thomas Shively and Ms. Lisa Coney
Ms. Mary Jean Shultz
Mr. Andrew Sigel
Mr. Donald Smith
Ms. Maureen C. Smith
Mr. Paul H. and Ms. Madelyn Sorensen
Mr. David and Mrs. Suzette M. Standring
Mr. Donald Steinberg
Mr. Campbell and Ms. Grace Steward
Mr. Seth D. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Stier
Mr. Jonathan Stimmel
Peter and Lisa Stone
Elizabeth A. Strain
Mr. Barry D. Strasnick and Ms. Ellen Hurvitz
Mr. James Sullivan
Mr. Arthur and Ms. Jan Tarlow
Mr. Joe Taxpayer
Mr. Darren Tedesco
Mr. John J. Tegan, Jr.
Mr. William K. Sabine and Ms. Melita M. Teichert
Mr. and Ms. Horace M. Thayer, Jr.
Ms. Athelia A. Tilson and Ms. Maria Saiz
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maria Tinglof
Dr. Praveen Tipirneni
Mr. Johannes Traa
Drs. Nimmi and Derek Trapasso
Dr. Michelle Travassos
Ms. Lisa Trumble and Tracy Baker
Mr. Christopher R. and Ms. Roberta Tunnard
Mr. Gary D. and Ms. Kathryn M. Tureski
Mr. Peter W. Ullman and Ms. Diane D. Ullman
Sister Diane M. Vallerio
Mr. Kalyanaraman Venkataramani
Mr. Peter R. Munkenbeck and Ms. Renata von Tscharner
Raju Wadhwani
Ms. Karen Walker
Mr. Malcolm M. Walsh
Ms. Kasey Walz
Ms. Patricia and Mr. Richmond P. Warner
Mr. Robert B. Washburn, Jr.
Mr. Scott Wayne
Ms. Lee M. Webster
Ms. Irene Weigel
Dr. Robert A. Weinberg and Mrs. Amy Shulman Weinberg
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Karen Welz
Ms. Ellen Westheimer
Mr. Trevor Miller and Ms. Kim Williams
Mr. James and Mrs. Giang T. H. Wyner
Larry and Jeanette Yackle
Ms. Candace J. Young and Mr. Glenn Batchelder
Gordon Family Foundation
Bethesda Lodge #30 I.O.O.F.
Blessings Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Caroline and John Langan Charitable Fund
Cassum Family Foundation
Grandin Family Foundation
High Pointe Foundation
Huse Stackpole Charitable Foundation Trust
Newmann Darrah Famliy Charitable Fund
Novack Family Foundation
Plato Malozemoff Foundation
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Robert Reiser & Co., Inc.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Steele Family Foundation
The Allyn Foundation
The Michael and Stella Buonsanto Charitable Fund
The Noonan Family Charitable Fund
The Paula's Gift Fund
The Post Family
The Silver Tie Fund
The Smith Family Fund
The United Parish in Brookline
The Vineyard Fund
Warner Family Fund